A Petition to God

Dear God,

I understand that writing a petition to you is a good thing to do. You see, I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and as you know, she highly recommends communicating with you in this way–in fact, she gives instructions on how to do it on p.32 of my paperback edition. She really had spectacular results doing this herself, so I’m hoping this is still a viable way to let you know what we on earth might need at a given point in time.

Even though I believe that things have most likely already been planned and handled in advance of any petitioning we earth-bound humans may do, maybe, just maybe, a petition might help to speed things along. Is this possible? (I can’t wait to have the answer to this, as well as on many other questions on how our lives really work on this planet. I have my suspicions, but I need the concrete answers I know you have, but all of that is probably for another time and place.) I digress. Back to my petition…

I think I know that for most things, you don’t like us mere mortals to be left hanging throughout eternity, without having the answers in our lives that we sometimes feel we need to move on from specific situations. I think I also know that there are times when you do want us left hanging–at least for a bit–maybe just to see how we handle that limbo state, or perhaps to teach us to have patience and faith.

As you are aware, I was left hanging in a particular situation that both you and I are, by now, all too familiar with–partly because I haven’t let you forget it, not that you would have anyway.

I feel that I’ve learned the lesson I needed to. I’ve learned–finally–to back off emotionally (not easy), energetically, and of course physically–as in my physical presence. That physical part happened instantly, as you know. Letting go of the emotions and energy were the hardest. But now, done it, I have–and now I’m in a better place than I ever was before this whole situation disrupted my lfe. So, I wonder…was the whole point to teach me to let go and move on, even though I didn’t get what all indications pointed to my getting?

Or, maybe the lesson was patience–and that ‘patience’ does not mean forcibly waiting with a white-knuckle grip on a desired end result.

Or, maybe neither I nor the other party involved was ready for the resolution before now.

Whichever, or whatever lesson was intended, I feel that I have passed the test…moved on without bitterness, rancor, or judgment and have left myself open to any and all possibilities of a resolution–or ‘closure,’ as everyone likes to call it.

And that’s what this petition is about. It’s a petition for resolution on this issue. It’s a petition to know, one way or the other, what exactly has gone on in these past four years of limbo and where things now–ultimately–stand.

This is a petition asking for a face-to-face meeting with the other person–and I know you know exactly who I’m talking about, so no need to name names–with the purpose of clearing up the mystery, and setting things straight between us.

I hope you agree that the time is right for this to be brought to rest one way or the other. With that thought, I am petitioning you to use your power to push things along so that this can be accomplished in this coming month, which has 30 days, starting with today. I’m not trying to force a deadline…it’s just that it seems a fitting time to finally end the limbo, the prelude to which began exactly four years ago this month of June 2008.

I am thinking of all those I know who join me in the signing of this petition–their numbers are legion, just in case numbers make a difference in any way. I will be first to sign, of course.

Thank you for your kind and caring consideration.

Most respectfully,

Nancy T. Babcock

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