Nancy’s Bio

Nancy Babcock was born into a family headed by an adventuresome father, whose befitting name was Torchy, and who had an independent spirit, zest for life, and a penchant for risk taking. Experiencing her early life from within this framework, Nancy came to view the world from a different perspective right from the start.

Traveling across the country at the age of 5 in the cab of a moving van Torchy had bought to transport the family of four from New York State to Colorado–in the hopes of buying a uranium mine–she learned that life is what you make it and not the other way around.

Following this early introduction to the non-traditional way of doing things, Nancy has experienced life on both sides of conformity, having spent time as president of her college sorority and as a Vermont dentist’s wife, then later as a freelance artists’ and photographers’ rep in Atlanta, a Club Med horseback riding instructor in Mexico and the British West Indies, a jewelry designer, a freelance English teacher in French universities and businesses in France, and a cross-cultural trainer/English language specialist for foreign executives in Atlanta.

Throughout her various life phases–‘past lives’ as she refers to them–Nancy has chronicled her experiences, her perceptions, and opinions for friends, family, and herself. She is an observer of the everyday and writes about the oddities of those things we all so often experience without thinking. Hers is often a wry but humorous look at what happens to us all.

Nancy now lives in the Sonoma Valley of northern California with three cats–Beau Bear, Charlie, and Kalinda, and one Belgian draft horse, Mr. Big.


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