At Last

So many things are flying through my head as I try to take it all in…our national nightmare of the last eight years is (almost) over and at long, LONG last, we can breathe again.

Good dreams can come true

There IS a God

The Dawning of the Age of Enlightenment

Free at Last, Free at Last…

No More Shame

A President to be Proud Of

Saved at the Brink

Hope Restored

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Glory, Hallelujah

For the first time in my entire adult life I feel proud of who we have elected as president. And I feel no shame in saying this–and it’s the truth. And given that I’m not Michelle Obama, I know I won’t be berated for it.

How to express all that I feel on this most glorious of days–the day after our electing Barack Obama, the man who will certainly prove to be the best thing that could happen to us and the world?

Talk about inspiration. Everything about the man exudes confidence, strength, intelligence, calm, reason, humility, sanity, grace, dignity, and integrity–all things we haven’t seen in a US President in way too long. I am so grateful that the majority of us were awake enough to see these qualities and more in this man, Barack Obama, and elect him to the office we, and the world, so need him to be in.

At long last we Americans have redeemed ourselves from a way too long sojourn in the dungeons of delusion. I really thought we were on the brink of self-annihilation, based on our very poor showing in the elections eight and four years ago–and I had my bags packed, ready to move to Canada just in case we staged a repeat performance this time. Problem was that Canada had recently become markedly less appealing, given its proximity to Alaska. But those worries are over now, and thank God we have that deep freezer to send any unfortunate campaign leftovers back to.

This was truly an election for the world–and the world was definitely watching–and holding their collective breath along with us. E-mails from European friends have flooded my inbox–they couldn’t sleep last night for not being able to have the election results before Wednesday morning–European time. Now that we all know those results, the collective sigh of relief is too huge to adequately describe…words literally fail me. I am so grateful. I am so thankful. And I am so beyond elated that I honestly cannot express the depth of my feelings. I’m sure there are millions more like me that for whom, for a moment, time seems to have stopped. Who can carry on normally with such overwhelmingly wonderful and stupendous news engulfing us? It seems surreal that something so good could actually be happening after so, so much bad.

Let’s just stop for this moment and savor it. We won’t have long to do this, so let’s grab our chance while we have it, and give thanks for Barack Obama–the next President of the United States. YAY!!!

Can’t we please skip the ten-week wait for his inauguration? How about moving it up a bit–will tonight work?

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