Grief is the price we pay for love. Gretchen Jackson, 1/29/07

A lot of people are in intense grief today for a horse that they loved beyond all borders. I am one of them.

This was not just any horse. This horse was Barbaro. Winner of the Kentucky Derby, and so much, much more. He won the hearts of millions. And mine was one of them.

Barbaro was our shining light. Our innocence. Our hope. Our reason to cheer. He was one thing that was right with this world that is filled with so much wrong.

Barbaro left us yesterday, and with him went huge chunks of so many. Of me too.

He tried to stay, he really did. He carried out his fight with valor and character and unfailing spirit. Barbaro was hope itself. With him as our leader and our mascot, we knew all miracles were possible. Now we’re not so sure.

Gently euthanized by the most loving and caring people on this earth–his owners and best friends, Roy and Gretchen Jackson, his doctor, Dean Richardson–Barbaro left us as he had always been–head high, a quiet knowingness in his eye. It was time to go, and his people allowed him to go painlessly and with dignity.

Now we are paying the price of our love for this horse who was so much more. Grief beyond grief. We’ve lost so much…at least I have.

For some of us, our hope left with Barbaro. Mine did.

I need to have my hope back…so many things to accomplish in Barbaro’s name.

Barbaro, when you can, please send us a sign from your new home–we need it to get our hope back. At least I do.

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